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Workplace Theft

Workplace theft is something that none of us want to believe is going to happen to us. We never want to suspect our staff of being dishonest, or of putting the wellbeing of the company second. While it might be easy to believe that theft only happens in cash based businesses, that is no longer true. In the modern world, theft can happen in a number of ways.

Types of theft

Theft still happens in the “traditional” sense. If you have a cash based business, or a business where there is valuable stock around, it might seem easier for theft to happen. However, in many businesses, the date you hold is the most valuable asset of all. An employee may be able to take employee data and use it to set up a competing business, allowing them to poach clients. Or perhaps they wish to sell the data to an existing competing company. While it is uncomfortable to consider these options, what can you do if you suspect theft is taking place?

Why theft happens

If you have your suspicions about workplace theft, you may wonder why this is happening. Perhaps you have noticed that stock is missing, or that the cash in the till isn’t the right amount. Or maybe you have seen that an employee is taking their laptop home and yet not producing an increased work output. Why might this be the case? There is a wide range of factors, such as:
  • Company culture – this may include “turning a blind eye” to staff members taking stock or money.
  • Believing their pay is too low – when employees perceive that they are paid too little, especially in comparison to other employees, they may feel entitled to take money or stock to “make up the difference”.
  • Personal issues – if an employee is in financial trouble, they may believe that theft is an easy way to escape this problem.
  • Low job satisfaction – an unhappy employee who feels undervalued may be quicker to steal either cash, stock or data. 

How we can help you

If you suspect workplace theft, it can be an awkward and uncomfortable situation. How can you approach an employee without any evidence? When you need to gather proof, you can call on National Private Investigators. Our highly trained ex-military detectives employ top of the line surveillance tactics and checks into personal data so that you will have the evidence you need. To begin with, you will speak with an experienced case handler, who will gather all the necessary information so that a full investigation can be undertaken. After carrying out surveillance on your employee, we will provide you with a full written report so that you can decide what to do next. Whether or not your suspicions prove to be true, you will have confirmation and peace of mind.

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Theft is a difficult topic, especially in the workplace. Are you ready to find out how we can help you? Get in touch now for a completely confidential conversation about your needs.
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