Workplace Fraud

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Workplace Fraud

We all want our workplaces to be happy and productive spaces, where people enjoy their jobs and get along with their colleagues. It can be difficult to consider less savoury aspects of your business, but issues such as fraud can easily arise, and can cause problems which echo throughout your workforce.
Noticing fraud in the workplace can be tricky, and if you suspect something is going on, it can be even more difficult to prove. If you have suspicions about fraud occurring, you need to call in the experts to help back up (or disprove) what you think may be true.
When you work with National Private Investigators, we can help you to get to the root of an issue and prove where the problem lies. But how can you be sure now is the time to get in touch with us?

What is workplace fraud?

When talking about a workplace, fraud can take on many different meanings and definitions. Loosely, it is seen as any dishonest activity which can drain resources or value from a company. There may or may not be personal gain directly involved for the person committing the fraudulent activity, and it could be carried out by a staff member or an outside body via hacking.

Types of fraud

While fraud itself is a nebulous concept, there are certain common types of corporate or workplace fraud which you may notice occurring, or just want to be on the lookout for. These include:
  • Identity fraud – taking on a new identity has never been easier, which is a worrying situation for many companies. A company or individual person may be impersonated using hacking tactics. 
  • IT fraud – with the growing use of several different types of IT systems, it is more common than ever for personal client details, financial information and other important content to be taken.
  • Theft – both petty theft (the theft of office supplies or small amount of money) and the larger issue of account manipulation are sometimes carried out by disgruntled or opportunistic employees. 

How can we support you?

If you suspect fraud but do not have the information necessary to prove it, our highly trained private investigators can put in the legwork to gather everything you need. Initially, you will have a consultation with a case handler, who will piece together everything you know about the situation. Once this has been gathered, National Private Investigators can really get to work. With top of the line surveillance capability and the ability to carry out extensive background checks, we will put together a full report, complete with time-stamped photographs and video footage (if required). This report can then be used when you speak about the fraud, or as evidential backup if you need to carry out disciplinary, dismissal, or even legal proceedings.

A confidential conversation

Are you ready to talk to us? Get in touch now for a confidential conversation with one of our friendly and skilled case handlers to see how we can help you with a thorough investigation.
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