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What is Surveillance?

We are expert and experienced investigators offering private surveillance services in London & the UK. Using advanced tech and some of the top surveillance equipment available, our private investigators are able to carry out effective surveillance from vehicles, and close proximity surveillance. We are equipped for every type of situation to provide covert surveillance for our clients with your discretion assured.

What is Surveillance ?

Surveillance is conducting observations on someone or something to obtain information, our private investigators provide surveillance in London & UK.

Surveillance Investigators UK

The client has made the initial enquiry. A quote has been accepted and paid in full. A simple map recce can be done from the comfort of the office. We will look at where the surveillance will take place. From the Home address or work address. We will look at routes out, to and from. Any likely moves the subject may take. As well as possible positions the team can plot up from. All this can be done from google earth and street view.

Surveillance Stake Out

This means each team member plots up in separate positions and boxes the target in so he cannot move without one of the team seeing.

The Pick Up

As soon as the target appears in the area of operation. The trigger will alert the rest of the team with a “Standby, Standby” and a direction of movement from the target.

The Follow

When the target is moving either by foot or by vehicle. The target will be under control by now. The lead surveillance operative known as the “eyeball” will be giving clear, detailed and precise communications of what the target is doing to the rest of the team. Thus allowing all team members to know where and what the target is doing. Therefore allowing all operatives to have free reign to be where they should be. There are many different surveillance methods we use at this point to cover different modes of transport.

The House

We then “house” the target after a follow. In other words, plotting back up on the premises the target goes in to. We then start the loop all over again. Starting back at the stake out.

Surveillance Company London UK 

If you’d like to speak with a private surveillance investigator in London or throughout the UK lease get in touch at https://nationalprivateinvestigators.co.uk/contact-us

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