Background Checks

Background Check UK

Background Checks

Individuals and companies regularly request UK background checks for various reasons. Individuals may want to investigate who they are dating, especially if they fear their own safety or an attack from a “gold-digger”. A UK company may want a background check for due diligence on employees, or check credit history to potential debtors or gather evidence for court.
If required, background checks can also include CCJ history and social media. If for any reason the checks come back as a negative, we will still issue you a full report with reasons why.

What is a Background Check ?

Background checks are like a trace search but more in depth. Background searches are used often by online dating clients who want to find out who they are really talking to and if they’re telling the truth. Essentially it’s a thorough due diligence check, so employers can use a background check to find out about a potential employee.

Background Check Company UK

Sometimes you just have the feeling that something is not as it appears to be, and you need to get to the heart of the matter to regain your peace of mind. We can help you do so by:
  • Completing background checks on employees and business partners (including skills, CV, qualifications, financial record, and criminal record)
  • Completing credit checks on debtors
  • Gathering pieces of evidence for court trials and legal proceedings
  • Finding out more about a company you are about to enter into a partnership with
  • Background check on your date or new partner (including criminal convictions, motives, and identity)

Background Checks UK

Background Check prices : £400
Upholding the NPI guarantee, our prices are broken down to maintain an honest and transparent approach towards business

Background Check Investigators

Typical evidence our private investigators obtain in our background checks include:
  • ID check, birth, parents, siblings
  • Marriage and children
  • Address data ownership and co-occupancy
  • Telephone and email searches.
  • Address links and equity and ownership checks
  • Corporate links and shareholdings
  • FTSE sweeps
  • Court Searches (complaint record sweeps)
  • Credit data, CCJ IVA DRO, Bankruptcy, insolvencies, adverse markers
  • Proxy connections and group structure of companies
  • company associations actions CCJs net worth appointee and group structure
  • Probate sweeps and inheritance checks
  • In-depth Open source and handle sweeps, Facebook / Twitter/ LinkedIn / Adult
  • Corporate bank account ( if published)
  • Bank account verifications (if known)

Is The Background Check Discreet ?

Our background searches leave no footprint when carrying out our investigations.

Background Check Prices

UK background checks cost £380 to £400

Upholding the NPI guarantee, our prices are broken down to maintain an honest and transparent approach towards business

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