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Process Serving

Serving court papers can be an essential part of initiating legal proceedings. If you are seeking a trustworthy and experienced professional for your process serving needs, then National Private Investigators can help.


What is Process Serving?

Process serving is, in simple terms, the act of serving legal documents to an individual or organisation. This is usually carried out at the start of a case, in order to make the other party aware or to trigger a legal process (such as divorce).

Because of the sensitive and complex nature of legal proceedings, it is important to ensure that documents are served correctly. As such, a qualified process server can help you to avoid any of the common pitfalls you might encounter.

Process serving is not as easy as delivering documents. A process server is an experienced professional who understands the ins and outs of the law. Process servers will know about any legislative changes that could impact their work and your process, keeping you from missing any small details. They have the knowledge you need on your side during this difficult time.

Why you need a process server

There are rules and regulations in place that might hinder you if you wish to serve legal documents yourself. Incorrectly served papers can be invalidated, causing your case to stall.

Even aside from legal requirements and knowledge, it is not always suitable for an individual to act as a process server. In some cases, you may find that serving legal documents is dangerous for you if the other party is confrontational or violent. In situations where you may need to evict tenants from a property, it could even be impossible to gain access and confirm delivery.

You may also find it challenging to locate an individual if they choose to hide from you – making a skilled process server and private investigator a necessity.


Professional and personal legal proceedings

A process server can be used in a number of different situations where legal documents need to be delivered. For example, in your professional life you may need to serve statutory demands, bankruptcy notices, or have insolvency documents delivered. A process server can also be used to deliver eviction notices to tenants, or to serve witness summons.

Serving legal papers can be even more difficult if you are dealing with an interpersonal case. You may need to enlist the help of a process server in order to deliver documents if you are going through a divorce, or if you are engaged in a custody case with a former partner. A process server can also assist if you need to issue a non-molestation order or injunction.

Though each situation is unique, our experienced process servers will be able to ensure your papers are served efficiently and successfully. If in doubt, get in touch to find out how our process servers can assist you.


Process Servers London – What we provide

We know that every legal case is different, and we aim to tailor our process serving services to your needs. When you contact our team, we will confirm the details of your situation and how quickly you need our process servers to get to work.

We can provide out of hours services to private addresses, and will discuss suitable times when we should serve both residential and business addresses. Our team will be able to answer your questions and ensure that you are aware of any legal issues you might encounter. With 24 hour support, you can rely on National Private Investigators to help you move your case forward, complete with regular reporting to meet your requirements.

London’s diverse laws call for a process serving provider that understands the intricacies of various legal proceedings. At NPI, we have extensive experience in this area that works to ensure your needs are met in a timely order. As such, our services cater to a wide range of clientele:

  • Legal Professionals: Solicitors, barristers and law firms across London trust us to handle their process serving needs promptly and professionally.
  • Businesses: From small enterprises to large corporations, we assist businesses in serving a variety of legal documents, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  • Government and Local Authorities: We partner with government departments and local authorities to facilitate the efficient service of legal notices and documents.
  • Individuals: We understand the sensitive nature of personal legal matters, providing discreet and compassionate service for individuals involved in divorce proceedings, child custody disputes and other personal legal actions.

No matter your role in the legal process, NPI are equipped to handle your process serving needs with the utmost professionalism, discretion and efficiency. Our goal is to simplify the service of process, ensuring your documents are delivered promptly and in full compliance with the law.

We understand that trying to manage legal matters can be intimidating and taxing, which is why we strive to be your trusted partner throughout the process. We pride ourselves on our open communication, transparent pricing and commitment to exceeding your expectations. When you choose NPI, you’re not just hiring a process server; you’re gaining a team dedicated to your success.

When it comes to process serving, it is vital that you send all the documents necessary to your case. Our legal awareness will give you an extra level of certainty that you are serving the other party with the right documentation.

You don’t have to worry about your documents being served inappropriately when you choose our expert process servers. We have experience in process serving and private investigations, and can guarantee that we will serve your papers on time and to the correct individual and/or location. If necessary, our process servers will return multiple times to successfully serve your legal papers.

At NPI, we understand that it isn’t always easy to serve legal documents, whether you are handling a personal or professional matter. While not every situation will be highly charged, we are prepared for any occurrence.

A process server provides a third-party presence that isn’t just essential for legal awareness. Serving papers of any kind can provoke a range of emotions that can be hard to handle for unqualified persons. Our process servers can respond in a calm and collected manner, avoiding escalations that could complicate your case. If an escalation proves unavoidable, our process servers will contact the appropriate authorities and make you aware of this.


Luke Annan
Luke Annan
I couldn’t be happier with the service with NPI. Very professional and everything was explained really clearly. Great work! Would highly recommend!
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josh large
Fantastic !!! The work done by NPI was quick and the response and results and were hassle free. I got the results I needed and I was grateful of the judgment free professionalism they provided. Would recommend to anyone.
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Ash Chap
Very insightful, professional and knowledgeable - thank you so much.
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Breaking Mad UK
Very Helpful! Awesome Stuff thanks!
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Renna Ren
Very professional. Great service! Thank you for the efficient and speedy service.
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dylan hibbert
Essential Company when seeking due diligence on a recent merger.
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Dorian Szymanski
Thanks so much for the help, great service
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Becky Hilditch
The person I spoke with was very helpful, friendly and professional. Highly reccomend using this very approachable judgement free company.
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Kimberley Hatfield
Brilliant service, thank you for all your help and assistance. Would definitely recommend!
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Philip Kendall
National Private Investigators service was brilliant. Resolved my issue very quickly.
I'm very happy with the work provided from National Private Investigators. I would highly recommend their service. Thank you!
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London UK
Excellent service throughout, we were kept up to date on the investigation every step of the way. We couldn't have asked for more.
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Amazing result! As a business, we've worked with a few companies over in the years, and NPI get the job done. Highly recommended!
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Don't Let Your Suspicions Go Unanswered Any Longer.

Our process serving approach

We employ a scrupulous process to ensure the successful service of legal documents. Our experienced process servers adhere to strict legal guidelines, making multiple attempts at various times throughout the day to reach the intended recipient.

In situations where direct service is not possible, we explore alternative options, such as serving documents at the recipient’s workplace or to a resident over 18 years of age at their home address. We document every attempt and provide detailed reports, including photographic evidence where necessary, to validate the service.


In the event that our initial attempts are unsuccessful, we offer a comprehensive Trace and Serve service, utilising our investigative expertise to locate the recipient and complete the service.

We maintain open communication with our clients throughout the process, keeping you informed of progress and any challenges encountered. We believe in transparency and will provide a detailed breakdown of our fees upfront, with no hidden costs.

Proof of process serving

When your process has been served, we will provide you with documentation for your peace of mind. This will include a certificate of service or affidavit to show that we have served your documents. Due to our independence from your legal case, you will be able to use our proof of delivery as evidence going forward. This can be necessary if the other party fails to comply with a court summons.

You can also expect to receive confirmation from NPI so you know who your process server is and what time they completed delivery. We will outline any attempts made to fully confirm the identity of the other party, as well as their response to having the process served.

This can give you an understanding of any further steps you may need to take — especially in cases where we may have encountered a negative or violent reaction.


Get in touch

Legal proceedings can be draining and complicated — so ensure that you have the best possible team by your side. National Private Investigators can provide process serving in London and the wider UK in a way that is safe and compliant with current legislation. For more information on our process servers and to further discuss your needs, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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