Private Investigators Derby

Private Investigator in Derby for Businesses and Individuals

Private Investigator Derby

National Private Investigators provide Private Detective services in Derby and nationwide for individuals and businesses who feel their interests are endangered or at risk of being undermined. Our services are easy to engage, always discreet and more affordable than you likely imagine. 


We have the experience, expertise and resources necessary to track down the truth in virtually any circumstance and all of our investigative work is conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards. Whether you suspect your spouse of extracurricular activities, believe a competitor is attempting to steal trade secrets or need to conduct background checks on potential employees, NPI is here to help.

Truth & Discretion Guaranteed

Our NPI guarantee ensures thorough private investigations, accurate results & absolute discretion.

Private Investigator Services

Private Surveillance Reviews

Luke Annan
Luke Annan
I couldn’t be happier with the service with NPI. Very professional and everything was explained really clearly. Great work! Would highly recommend!
josh large
josh large
Fantastic !!! The work done by NPI was quick and the response and results and were hassle free. I got the results I needed and I was grateful of the judgment free professionalism they provided. Would recommend to anyone.
Ash Chap
Ash Chap
Very insightful, professional and knowledgeable - thank you so much.
Breaking Mad UK
Breaking Mad UK
Very Helpful! Awesome Stuff thanks!
Renna Ren
Renna Ren
Very professional. Great service! Thank you for the efficient and speedy service.
dylan hibbert
dylan hibbert
Essential Company when seeking due diligence on a recent merger.
Dorian Szymanski
Dorian Szymanski
Thanks so much for the help, great service
Becky Hilditch
Becky Hilditch
The person I spoke with was very helpful, friendly and professional. Highly reccomend using this very approachable judgement free company.
Kimberley Hatfield
Kimberley Hatfield
Brilliant service, thank you for all your help and assistance. Would definitely recommend!
Philip Kendall
Philip Kendall
National Private Investigators service was brilliant. Resolved my issue very quickly.
I'm very happy with the work provided from National Private Investigators. I would highly recommend their service. Thank you!
David G
London UK
Excellent service throughout, we were kept up to date on the investigation every step of the way. We couldn't have asked for more.
Lucy E
Cambridge UK
Amazing result! As a business, we've worked with a few companies over in the years, and NPI get the job done. Highly recommended!
Johnathan M
Greater London UK

Don't Let Your Suspicions Go Unanswered Any Longer.

Why Hire a Private Detective in Derby?

Things are not always what they seem. In cases where you suspect someone is attempting to undermine your interests, the smart thing to do is to uncover the truth as expeditiously as possible. Here are some of the reasons people contact NPI about hiring a Private Detective in Derby:


  • They suspect a partner is conducting an affair or attempting to hide assets during a divorce. 
  • There is reason to believe someone is making a fraudulent insurance claim.
  • They suspect a member of their staff is embezzling funds or otherwise stealing.
  • They suspect an employee is working with an outside agent to steal trade secrets.
  • A person who owes them money is claiming poverty but there is reason to believe they are lying.
  • They suspect someone has bugged or placed cameras in their home or office. 
  • They suspect someone may be tracking their vehicle.
  • A loved one is acting in an uncharacteristic manner or has disappeared.


The list of reasons people need to hire a Private Investigator is practically endless, but whatever the particulars of your situation the best course of action is to contact NPI and talk to one of our case managers.

Our 4 Step Process

When you contact NPI you can rest assured that our highly-trained and experienced case manager will treat you in a respectful, non-judgemental manner. We understand how uncomfortable it can be to discuss sensitive personal or professional issues with a stranger but you have nothing to fear. We are driven by a commitment to discovering the truth and protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients throughout the process. And speaking of our process, here’s how it works:

1. Contact Us

Your journey to uncovering the truth begins by contacting National Private Investigators. One of our highly trained and experienced case managers will discuss your situation with you and determine if it is one that is best handled by a Private Detective in Coventry, or one that should be referred to the police. Should they conclude you would benefit from a Private Detective we will proceed to the next step.

2. Information

Though you may be reluctant to talk about certain aspects of the case it’s vital to remember that the more information you provide us with the faster we can get to the truth. And rest assured everything you tell us will be held in the strictest confidence.

3. Investigation

The background information you provide us will be used to determine which investigative methods are most appropriate in your situation and allow us to devise a plan of action that will get to the truth as quickly as possible.

4. Report

Within 24 hours of closing the investigation, we will provide you with a final report that includes all of our findings. Everything included in the report will be accurate as of the time of its issuance. You are then free to do with the information what you will.

Contact National Private Investigators

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you suspect foul play contact the team at NPI as soon as possible. The sooner we are on the case the sooner you can put an end to nefarious activities and restore order to your personal or professional life. Getting in touch is easy. Either fill out the contact form on our website or call 020 7459 4526.

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