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No one wants to hire a Private Investigator in Cardiff. They want their business to hum along smoothly or their divorce to be amicable or the people they hire to fill key positions to be exactly who they say they are. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world works. Because we live in an imperfect world, Private Detectives provide an important service, one that can help you protect your interests and yourself.


Truth & Discretion Guaranteed

Our NPI guarantee ensures thorough private investigations, accurate results & absolute discretion.

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Private Surveillance Reviews

I'm very happy with the work provided from National Private Investigators. I would highly recommend their service. Thank you!
David G
London UK
Excellent service throughout, we were kept up to date on the investigation every step of the way. We couldn't have asked for more.
Lucy E
Cambridge UK
Amazing result! As a business, we've worked with a few companies over in the years, and NPI get the job done. Highly recommended!
Johnathan M
Greater London UK

Don't Let Your Suspicions Go Unanswered Any Longer.

The Job of the Private Investigator in Cardiff

The job of the Private Investigator can be reduced to 3 simple words: discover the truth. People come to us because they suspect that some important aspect of their professional or personal life is not what it appears to be. Our job then is to uncover facts that will either confirm or debunk their suspicions. Here are some of the most common reasons people enlist the services of National Private Investigators.

To conduct background checks

If you own a business you need to know who you are hiring to fill key positions. It would be great if everyone told the truth all the time and you could believe what’s on the resume and what a candidate says during an interview. In reality, however, it’s all-too-common for people to enhance their resume and lie during interviews. Without passing judgment we find out if a job candidate is being straight with you.


To help during divorce proceedings

Some divorces are simple and amicable. Others devolve into acrimony, finger pointing and bickering. If you suspect your soon-to-be-ex has been conducting a secret affair that undermined your marriage, or you are convinced they are hiding assets, you need to know the truth. A Private Investigator can help.

To uncover romance scams

While romance scams are nothing new their numbers have increased exponentially thanks to the internet. If you are engaged in an online relationship that either seems too good to be true or is otherwise making you uneasy, contact NPI. We’ll find out who you’re really dealing with.


To locate missing persons

Every year in the UK more than 350,000 people are reported missing to the police. If someone you love has suddenly dropped out of sight you need to know what’s happened, and the sooner the better. A Private Detective in Cardiff is often the best choice when it comes to locating a missing person.


To help verify business dealings

Before you undertake a big business deal you need to be sure the other party does not have a nefarious agenda or that they are not hiding financial or legal problems that could undermine the deal in the long run. A Private Detective from NPI will conduct a thorough investigation into the background and history of the other party that will help you determine if you should proceed or slam on the brakes.

Private Investigation Process

Working with a Private Investigator in Cardiff is not as difficult as you think. At NPI we have reduced the whole process to a few simple steps.


1. Contact Us

Once you contact us we will work with you to determine if an investigation is warranted in your case. If we feel you would be better off going to the police we’ll tell you so. Otherwise we will proceed to step 2.

2. Information

In order to obtain the information you need we need to know as many facts as you are able to provide. The more we have to work with the quicker we will be able to uncover the truth.

3. Investigation

The type of investigation and its duration will depend on who is being investigated and the type of information you need. Some investigations are more time and resource consuming than others.

4. Report

Once we have completed our investigation we will issue a comprehensive final report within 24 hours. What you do with the information will be entirely up to you.

Hire a Private Investigator in Cardiff by Contacting NPI

Hiring a Private Detective in Cardiff is easier than you think. Get in touch with NPI today by calling 020 7459 4526. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have about the process.

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