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Polygraph Test London

Polygraphs, more commonly known as lie detector tests, in can help you find the truth. No one wants to think that they are being lied to, whether that’s colleagues at work or family and friends at home. Everything from a “little white lie” to a larger deception can prove destructive in a number of settings. This is when you may begin to think about a lie detector test, and if one could help you get to the bottom of whether someone is lying or not.

What is a lie detector test?

A lie detector test, otherwise known as a polygraph, is used to measure the physiological reactions of a person as they are asked certain questions by a polygraph examiner. These involuntary physiological reactions are then recorded and analysed in order to seek out whether a deception is taking place. While not always conclusive, a polygraph test often leads to a good general sense of the truthfulness of the person when they are questioned on a given subject.

PolygraphTest London

At National Private Investigators, we understand that there are several different situations that may lead to someone considering a lie detector test, including

Polygraphs for Domestic disputes

There is no easy way to consider the thought your partner may be engaging in an affair. Sometimes, even once you have discussed this with them, you might find it difficult to believe that they are telling the truth, especially if this represents a suspected pattern of behaviour. Similarly, if you suspect that your partner has been financially irresponsible or engaging in an addiction, you may struggle to get to the truth of the matter. A lie detector test can help you to reach a conclusion that could be useful in resolving difficult domestic disputes going forward – so you can decide what to do next with more certainty.

Polygraphs for Employee trustworthiness

When you are employing a new member of staff, even the most thorough background check might not feel like enough. After all, if your business handles sensitive data, you want to be sure that whoever you employ can be relied upon. A lie detector test can help you to decide whether or not an employee is trustworthy enough to bring onto your team, and if they will be a good representative of your company going forward. It will also show, simply by their willingness to take part in the polygraph, that they do not feel they have something to hide.

Polygraphs for Theft

Whether within your own social, familial or professional circle, theft can be extremely damaging to interpersonal relationships. It can also be a serious financial problem for any business, as well as hurting overall morale. If you suspect that someone you know has been stealing from you, a lie detector test can confirm your fears or assuage them. You can also carry out a lie detector test on multiple people in order to get to the bottom of who has been stealing from you, either at home or at work.

Polygraphs for a data breach

Important data being leaked to a competitor is every company’s worst nightmare. Do you worry that an employee has been providing trade secrets to someone else, and that valuable data is at risk? Asking the employee to take a polygraph test is a good way of conducting an investigation into a data leak and any associated employees.

Polygraphs for childcare providers

If you are a parent thinking of leaving your child with a childcare provider, this can be a worrying time. How can you be sure that this person is reliable and safe enough to look after your most precious asset? As well as having a thorough background check done, and potentially a full investigation, a lie detector test with questions specifically tailored around childcare issues can help to confirm that the person who you are employing will be safe and trustworthy around your child and home.

Polygraphs for Media sources

Are you a media professional who can’t be too careful with your sources? Having them take a polygraph test can help you to confirm the veracity of their claims, therefore giving you peace of mind that your sources can be trusted.

Polygraphs to prove your own innocence

Lie detector tests are not only useful for those who suspect they are being deceived. If you have been accused of orchestrating a deception, it will be important to you that your name is cleared. A lie detector test could help to confirm your innocence and help you to heal a difficult situation, either personally or professionally.

Benefits of a Polygraph / Lie Detector Test

Whatever your reason for needing a lie detector test, some of the benefits speak for themselves – and you will also be glad to know that these can be completed quickly, with instant results. Your lie detector test can be booked discreetly, and will be carried out by fully qualified testers to give you the most accurate results possible

Book a Lie Detector Test

We understand that carrying out a lie detector test can often feel like a last resort during a very stressful situation. Whether personal or professional, this is a delicate matter that needs to be handled with the utmost care. You need a specialist to help you to get the best results and put your mind at ease – so reach out to National Private Investigators.

Based in London, we can help you to get the results you need no matter where you are in the UK, whether you require a full investigation or just need a polygraph test for your own peace of mind. Let us know how we can help you.

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