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Online Dating Safety

A large proportion of us will meet our significant other through online dating. Although we may not like to admit it, this isn’t uncommon in the technical age we now live in. Online dating will be a blissfully exciting experience for most of us. But can be a completely different story for some.

What is a “Catfish” ?

“Catfish” is a term used for an individual who makes a fake profile or changes their own profile to misrepresent themselves to the victim. This can either be out of pure innocence in the need to find love, not thinking that some day their lies become uncovered. But far more sinisterly the “Catfisher” may be a stalker or a fraudster.

Signs to look out for when online dating

When online dating protect yourself by looking out for these signs…

  • Be wary of new profiles on different social media platforms. This would indicate a possible fake profile.
  • Only having one profile picture, again this could indicate a possible new profile.
  • Having pictures from exotic locations and of luxury items. “Catfishers” often try to appear rich and wealthy to entice the victim.
  • Profiles with bad spelling or grammar.
  • If they are pouring their heart out far too early. This is in a bid to pull at your heart strings so you feel sorry for them.
  • Dont send nudes. If you do you’re asking to be blackmailed.
  • If they ask for money, cut all ties immediately.
  • Most of all trust your intuition and follow your brain not your heart when it comes to online dating.

So how can we help you?

If you have any suspicion about someone you’ve met online our background checks are the perfect service for you. National Private Investigators will gather all the vital evidence you need, in total discretion and without a trace. You will therefore have peace of mind going forward when online dating.

Please contact us here at https://www.nationalprivateinvestigators.co.uk/contact-us

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