Online dating investigations

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Online dating investigations

Once seen as an unusual way to meet the love of your life, these days more and more of us are online dating. It makes sense – our whole lives seem to be lived largely online, and it is easy to get swept up in meeting that perfect someone who seems too good to be true.
Of course, the problem is that sometimes, they actually might be.
Online dating is a great thing, but feeling suspicious of someone you have not met in person is completely natural. Whether the relationship is romantic or platonic, it is vital to find out if the person you have invited into your life is who they say they are. But how can you possibly know?

Signs to look out for

The commonly used name for someone claiming to be a different person online is a “catfish”. This person may be using somebody else’s photographs and a false name, while acting as though they truly hold this other identity. Their goal is to manipulate you emotionally by building intimacy and trust, and then often asking for money.
While no one likes to think that someone they are forming a relationship with is a catfish, there are some signs you should be aware of. These include:
  • The person seeming to have no presence online linked to their name. 
  • Finding evidence that their photographs and name do not match. 
  • They ask for money early on in your relationship, or do so repeatedly. 
  • They seem to be moving quickly from casual to very intimate.
  • They claim to have an illness or repeated terrible events in their life. 
  • They tell you conflicting stories or stories that seem far-fetched.
  • You cannot get them to meet up or even use video chat.
If you encounter any of these scenarios, you may be talking to a catfish and should proceed with caution. How can you confirm your theory? We understand that you will not want to ruin a potential relationship by airing your suspicions, and you might not have the tools to investigate further. It may be time to call in the experts.

Catfish investigations

At National Private Investigators, we are skilled in carrying out investigations of all kinds, including online. Initially, you will discuss your situation with a friendly and understanding case handler, who will gather all the details necessary to get the answers you need. After this, one of our highly trained ex-military private detectives will carry out a comprehensive background check on the person in question, as well as multiple other avenues of investigation. Working discretely, your investigation will not be exposed at any point. Once it is complete, you will receive a written report, most likely including evidence of a real life identity, and if it matches the person you know. If the investigation is inconclusive, you will still receive a written report.

Find out more

You deserve to know the truth. If you are ready to discover more about the person you have been speaking to online, get in touch with us for a completely confidential initial consultation.
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