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Our confidential matrimonial investigators in London & UK understand  infidelity is a difficult topic for many of us to think about. We inherently want to trust the ones we love and believe that they are always truthful to us. However, we also know that a happy long-term relationship is not always an easy thing to maintain and for your peace of mind matrimonial surveillance may give you that trust back. A discreet matrimonial investigation may put aside your creeping doubts about the fidelity of your significant other.

You both started out with the best of intentions, to love and honour, but lately something just doesn’t feel right. Trust is important and yet you can’t ignore your instincts. Is your partner failing to come home when they say they will? Or have you found some texts or other evidence that has aroused your suspicions? Whether you are married or simply in a committed, monogamous relationship, you never want to feel as though you are second choice, or being lied to.
While this may seem unfathomable, a partner can be unfaithful for many reasons. If your suspicions are causing you distress, you need to know to the truth.
But how can you be sure without running the risk of a false accusation ruining what you have? That’s where National Private Investigators come in.

Matrimonial Investigators

At NPI, we understand that this is a difficult and emotionally fraught time for you. As you take steps towards delving into the unthinkable, we will provide a professional and discrete service to help you get the facts you need. You will initially speak to a friendly, expert case handler who will gather the necessary details to proceed with your investigation.

What to look for

As experts in our field, we can carry out matrimonial and cheating partner investigations in London and throughout the UK. There are some things that we expect you have already been looking out for that might point to your partner having an affair, which we will discuss with you. These include being secretive about their mobile phone, clearing down the browsing history on a shared computer, traveling more for work or being unexpectedly absent from home, unexplained expenditures and more.

Matrimonial Surveillance

When it comes to the investigation itself, we will offer a vehicle tracking package, surveillance, or both options. You will receive real time updates of the location of the vehicle, as well as hour by hour tracking of the location of your spouse. After our expert and unobtrusive private investigator has gathered all the necessary data, we will provide you with a full report within twenty-four hours. This will include photographic evidence, and can also include video recordings. Whether your concerns prove to be true or not, you will receive full peace of mind so that you can decide how to proceed with better knowledge and evidence.

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Are you going on your gut instinct or do you have something more tangible but less concrete than you would like? Whatever your situation, you can get in touch with us for a fully confidential initial consultation to discover exactly how we can help you.
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