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Is It Worth It To Hire a Private Investigator?

Corporate and private clients hire national private investigators to solve sensitive situations and problems. We collect information in a lawful and timely manor and at all times ensuring guaranteed discretion to the clients. In this blog, we seek to answer the question ‘Is It Worth It To Hire a Private Investigator?’

Why acquiring the services of a private investigator may be a good idea

Background Checks

You’ve started talking to someone from a dating website. Your unsure they are, who they say they are. You can hire National Private Investigators to verify their background. Giving you reassurance and peace of mind.

Before you hire that new golden employee, why not run a back ground check. Get clarity on what they have told you. Or similarly if an employee has been off ill and your hearing rumours this isn’t so. Let us tell you what they are really up to. once you have the information, you then have the power.

Cheating Partner

Do you have suspicions that your partner may be cheating on you?. Hiring National Private Investigators we can prove this with evidence. You can then use for divorce proceedings if you require. We will discreetly follow your spouse and provide you with detailed information on their routine. This is followed by a fully detailed written report of all our findings.

Find a Debtor

An individual owes you a substantial amount of money. However they have run off and left you high and dry. National Private Investigators can undertake a trace search to find an address. After that, we can also undertake asset trace. Looking at assets and property in debtors names, which can then be seized and sold to reimburse you.

Locate a Long Lost Relative

Do you have fond memories with an estranged family member?. You have lost touch somewhere down the line and have no idea how to get back in contact with them. Our Team at NPI can help to locate your long lost relatives.

Tenant Screening

You plan to rent out a property you own, you have now shortlisted some potential tenants. We can run a background check to help you make an informed decision on the tenant. Similarly NPI can determine the financial situation of the potential tenants. Ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.

Above all we just want to ensure you, we will handle each case with discretion and Professionalism.

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