Insurance Investigators

Insurance Investigations London & UK

Our insurance investigators in London & UK help save insurers a great deal of money by avoiding fraudulent claims. Our insurance investigations have assisted UK companies by gaining evidence to allow them avoid paying out on personal injury, health insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, mobile phone and motor vehicle claims which have been made illegally.

Fraudulent Insurance Claim Investigator London & UK

Soft fraud investigation

Soft fraud can be quite common especially for personal injury claims. Someone with a genuine injury may exaggerate their situation, eg their ability to work or enjoy life and the length recovery time to try and get the biggest insurance pay out possible.

Personal injuries are difficult to measure, so insurance companies often use our fraud investigators to carry out surveillance. This can help them to verify the insurance claim and to establish if the claim is genuine. Similarly claimants may submit a fraudulent insurance claim for injuries sustained prior to the policy start date. Again our private detectives can provide an in depth background check of the claimant’s history.

Hard fraud investigation

Hard fraud occurs when a claim is made for an engineered situation such as a vehicle collision or a fire & theft which is covered by their insurance policy to receive payment for damages. Criminal gangs are often involved in regular hard fraud schemes to fund illegal activities.

It is not just the insurance company who benefit as they do not pay out to these fraudsters, but the rest of us too. When an insurance company has to keep paying out on a fraudulent claims, it increases insurance premiums in the UK.

Insurance Surveillance London & UK

Our insurance surveillance services cover a wide variety of fraud cases, including:

  • Fraudulent personal injury claims
  • Health insurance fraud
  • Travel insurance fraud
  • Home insurance fraud
  • Mobile phone insurance fraud
  • Fraudulent motor vehicle claims
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