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Insurance Investigation Case Study

False Personal Injury Claim

The objective

To establish if a male painter and decorator was working. After a car crash, the Subject made a claim through the insured drivers policy. He claimed that he was unable to work consecutive days. For no more than 4 hours per day. This was due to chronic pain in his arms and back. Therefore he claimed for substantial loss of earnings. We was instructed on this insurance investigation. To conduct three days of surveillance on the Subject. To evidence his daily routines and the severity of his injury’s. In addition, prior observations had been conducted on the Subject without success. This was due to losing the claimant on a vehicle follow.

National Private Investigators was tasked with Sentry Investigations. Therefore we got the job done!

The outcome

In conclusion on all three days of surveillance the Subject was followed to three separate properties. He was filmed loading materials from the back of his van and into the properties at the start of the day. He was then filmed at the end of the day. Clearing away and loading his van back up. Before departing to go home for his well earned dinner. Time logged video evidence proved the claimant was indeed working. He worked an average of 10 hour+ days. He displayed no signs of physical distress and was fit for work. The video footage was passed onto the insurer. The subjects claim was proven fraudulent. Thanks to the evidence gathered by National Private Investigators and Sentry Investigations.

What a successful Insurance investigation.

If you need a professional Insurance investigation. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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