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Do you need to find someone?

We often get asked. “Hi, I need to find someone can you help me?”. The answer of course, is always yes we can!
If you are a landlord and a previous tenant has ran off owing you rent. We can find them.
If you’re looking for a long-lost family member or friend. We can find them. 
If you’re looking for help with your family tree we can find them.
If you’re looking for someone due to a will or inheritance. We can find them. 

The first approach and usually the only. A trace search. This is the easiest and most cost effective method of finding someone. We don’t have to leave the comfort of the office and nor will it break the bank. We search all our registered public databases for the required information on the subject. 
What’s included in a trace search.

What you will expect on a trace search report

  • Name/ alias
  • DOB
  • Address 
  • Secondary addresses
  • points of contact 
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Occupancy/ co occupancy
  • Can include CCJ and social media accounts 

Our trace searches are 100% discreet and leave no footprint. As are all of our services for that matter. We are amongst the most thorough on the market. Trace search will usually take a 48hr turnaround from instruction. 
If a trace search came up negative. We would only charge £50 for our time spent on task. A report will still be sent as to why it came up as negative. There is still other options we can take if this is to happen. Not all would be lost.

Do you need to find someone?

Our trace search is the best service for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you want more information please visit https://nationalprivateinvestigators.co.uk/tracing-and-background-checks/

You can call us on 020 7459 4526 or 07766762887

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