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Our experienced private investigators based in London carry out discreet and thorough fraud investigations throughout the UK.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is an intended deceptive action providing the perpetrator an unlawful gain over, or deny a right to the victim. Fraud is something which can impact anyone, in many different settings. One of the most common places you may experience fraud is in your workplace. This is something we may not like to think about, but it can happen to businesses of every size.


Fraud Investigators UK

Our fraud investigators also regularly assist with a wide variety of specific fraud cases, including:

  • Fraudulent personal injury claims
  • Health insurance fraud
  • Travel insurance fraud
  • Home insurance fraud
  • Mobile phone insurance fraud
  • Fraudulent motor vehicle claims

Upholding the NPI guarantee, our prices are broken down to maintain an honest and transparent approach towards business.

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud can be incredibly detrimental to your company. Are you concerned that there may be something as serious as accounting fraud or money laundering occurring? Even using company property in an unlawful manner falls under this umbrella term. It could involve external parties, but usually you will need a discrete investigation focusing in on internal staff and covering their activities both in and out of work.

Workplace Fraud

While often covering a similar area to corporate fraud, more general workplace fraud involves employees in a different manner. It is more likely to involve petty theft of office supplies and small sums of money, but could escalate to account manipulation.

Personal Injury Fraud

Personal injury fraud is a growing problem in London and the UK. This is usually in the form of soft fraud. The claimant in question would exaggerate the extent of their own injury to maximize insurance pay outs. A period of covert surveillance could be sufficient to avoid a substantial pay out to the fraudulent claimant. 

Online Fraud

Online fraud is a growing issue in the current climate. As technology advances, so to do the ways in which it can be taken advantage of. Online fraud is when personal client data is breached or stolen. It is easier than ever to pretend to be somebody else. Do you worry that a company or individual may be perpetrating identity fraud to impersonate someone and hack into your systems? We have the skills to look into this for you.

Don't Let Your Suspicions Go Unanswered Any Longer.

Why does fraud happen?

There are many factors as to why fraud happens and the important thing is to recognise that these could happen in any company or corporate setting. You may have a bad feeling about a specific employee or an unusual amount of money moving around – follow your instincts and remember that fraud can happen to you.

When it comes to fraud, it is sometimes caused by nothing more than the personal greed of the perpetrator. However, you may also find that small or petty theft is overlooked, which ingrains fraud into the company culture. If your employees are under a lot of pressure to perform, or feel personally undervalued, this can also lead to fraud. When considering online fraud, this can be caused by a lack of vigilance and flawed security systems. 

There are a number of factors when it comes to fraud that you need to be aware of.

What is the impact of fraud?

It might be tempting to think that small acts of fraud will not have such a large impact on your company – but this is far from the case. In the short run, the occurrence of fraud can harm company morale and how engaged your other employees are. Breaches of data will also harm your company image to outside parties.

If you work for a smaller business, you may find that financial fraud can quickly damage your overall profits and even lead to major long-term problems and financial losses. The worst case scenario could be the closure of your company due to lost funds and a damaged reputation.

How our fraud investigators can help

You do not want to confront your employees with the scant suspicions you may have. It is also unlikely that you will have the technology necessary to catch every IT based threat.

When you reach out to National Private Investigators, we can help you with any of your fraud investigation needs. Based in London, we can carry out investigations all across the UK, finding you the information you need. Employing a combination of surveillance tactics and data gathering from online sources, our trained ex-military private investigators offer a subtle and completely confidential service. Once the surveillance is complete, you will receive photographs and a fully written up report – whether or not our search proves that your suspicions are true. 

If you are concerned that fraud is taking place, contact our specialist fraud investigators to help you uncover any wrongdoing and to gain a clear view of the situation.


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