Employee Investigations

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Employee Investigations

When you hire an employee, you want to know that you can rely on them, and that they want to support your company as much as you want to support their growth. Welcoming someone into your work family is a big step, and can cost both money and time in order to source, interview, hire and train up your new team member.
It is inevitable that all employees will need to take some time away from work on sick leave, sometimes even long-term sick leave. Your own company policy will depend on how much of this is paid or unpaid. However, if you have been noticing repeated absence patterns with an employee, this could point to a more serious problem with an employee, which may have negative repercussions for your business.

Reasons for long-term workplace absence

Some long-term absences are unavoidable and most employees do not want to miss work for a significant length of time. There are many legitimate reasons why employees may need to take longer periods of time off work, such as:
  • Mental health issues, such as depression, developing or worsening. 
  • An injury sustained outside of work.
  • An injury sustained inside of work.
  • A bereavement in the family.
  • Long-term physical illness.
  • Suffering from an illness which requires treatment.
These are just some of the reasons that employees may need to be away from the office – others may occur, which are completely genuine. While these are good reasons to support your employee during time off, there may be other circumstances where you do not feel your employee is taking time off for valid reasons.

Workplace Investigations

If your employee has been off sick for a while and they are not giving you a clear reason as to why, you will understandably become suspicious. Your sickness and absence rules may allow employees to take long periods of time off sick with full pay – this is a system which is all too easy to abuse for those looking to exploit your better nature. While we hate to feel suspicious of our valued employees, you are entitled to carry out an investigation into the legitimacy of their claims if you feel their continued absence is causing a financial loss to the company.

Employee Investigators

At National Private Investigators, we are experts at gathering information in all areas of the corporate world. Our ex-military private investigators are highly skilled in getting the details you need in a careful and subtle way. If you do not have the time and skills to know what to look for, this is where we come in. Your first step is to have a discussion with a friendly and professional case handler, who will collect all the details required to full investigate your competitors. From this point, our private investigator will be able to use various technologies and tactics to supply you with a full written report detailing the strategies, strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Once you have this report, you will be able to more accurately tailor your own business to better them.

Employee Surveillance

Do you have a staff member causing you concern? Get in touch with us today so that we can find out how best to support you in getting to the bottom of those difficult situations.
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