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We are expert and experienced investigators offering private surveillance services in London & the UK. Using advanced tech and some of the top surveillance equipment available, our private investigators are able to carry out effective surveillance from vehicles, and close proximity surveillance.

We are equipped for every type of situation to provide covert surveillance for our clients with your discretion assured. Covert surveillance is one of the best methods for gathering useful and concrete evidence in a number of situations.


What is Surveillance?

Surveillance Company UK

Surveillance involves conducting observations on someone or something to obtain information.
At National Private Investigators, we provide a high quality service for surveillance in London & across the UK which aims to get the best results for you, giving you the information you need. It can be difficult to know how to confront a suspected issue, and gathering information through surveillance is an excellent way to proceed.

Types of Surveillance

Fraud and theft surveillance

As an employer, it can be incredibly concerning if you suspect an employee of theft, fraud, or breaching confidentiality. In many cases, this can lead to lowered employee morale and difficulty retaining staff, and at worst it can cause serious financial repercussions for your business, and loss of reputation. We can help by surveilling one or more employees in a discreet and careful manner in order to get to the bottom of your fraud concerns before you confront an employee.

Long term sick leave surveillance

An employee who has been taking long term sickness can be a problem for the morale and the functionality of your business. In most cases, these are valid illnesses, but in some cases you may need to dig deeper. If you suspect that an employee might be taking advantage of your sickness policy, surveillance can give you irrefutable evidence and the truth of the matter.

Harassment surveillance

Stalking and harassment can cause real pain and fear in your life, impacting life and work. If you need to gather proof that someone is behaving in this manner, then surveillance can be a good way of doing this while remaining safe yourself. Thanks to our skilled professionals, the surveillance gathered will be usable in legal settings.

False insurance claim surveillance

Compensation claims are often completely legitimate, but if you suspect that a false insurance claim is being made (such as a claim of injury where none exists), then you need evidence to back this up. Surveillance can support your suspicions and save you financial losses.

Domestic disputes or infidelity surveillance

Some of the most difficult to navigate situations are those closest to home. Domestic disputes,  suspected infidelity, and issues surrounding divorce are not easy to broach with your partner. NPI can carefully and subtly surveil your partner or ex-partner so that you can see whether your suspicions are correct, and decide what to do next.

Don't Let Your Suspicions Go Unanswered Any Longer.

Private surveillance services

At NPI, a case handler will gather the initial details necessary for your surveillance to be carried out. From this point, our highly trained operatives will then utilise static surveillance or mobile surveillance, which can either be carried out in vehicles or by foot. We use camera equipment which is specially designed for surveillance, recording the subject to gather the appropriate data. Coming from an Insurance background we specialise in maximising footage that other companies may miss.

We appreciate that surveillance, both short term and ongoing, can be a very changeable process, and we will periodically assess whether the surveillance should continue – ensuring that you can get the information you need without costing you more time and money than necessary.


Do I need to inform anyone?

Surveillance is, when carried out is proportionate and legally valid. However, in workplace settings you may need to be especially careful in gaining proof. You are legally allowed to use your own CCTV cameras around the workplace, and you can also monitor staff activity on company phones and computers, including email. When carried out legally and correctly, surveillance is not something you need to inform your staff about.

Legality is paramount

You may have valid concerns about the legality of surveillance, especially if you hope to use the evidence gathered later on. If surveillance is not carried out in a fully legal way, then this will render the evidence inadmissible in court – you do not want to cross the line and gather illegal evidence by means of trespass or being intrusive.

However, when you work with National Private Investigators, we are careful to abide by legal frameworks so that any data gathered is usable and legal.

Our operatives are fully trained and experienced in gaining the necessary evidence without violating human rights, so you can both trust and use the material we gather on your behalf.


Speak to our surveillance team

If you wish to have surveillance carried out either in your personal life or your workplace, then National Private Investigators can help. Backing up your suspicions so that you can pursue the correct course of action might be vital to being able to move forward, so let us know how we can support you with high level surveillance.


Luke Annan
Luke Annan
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josh large
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Breaking Mad UK
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Renna Ren
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dylan hibbert
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Dorian Szymanski
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Becky Hilditch
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Kimberley Hatfield
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Philip Kendall
National Private Investigators service was brilliant. Resolved my issue very quickly.
I'm very happy with the work provided from National Private Investigators. I would highly recommend their service. Thank you!
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Excellent service throughout, we were kept up to date on the investigation every step of the way. We couldn't have asked for more.
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