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Corporate Investigations

We are professional and cost-effective corporate investigators in London & the UK. Our corporate fraud surveillance provides reports which are accurate, concise and transparent to arm you with reliable information about your or your competitor’s business to make informed decisions. In a world where information is everywhere but confirmed facts are scarce, the need for fast and accurate corporate intelligence about your business has never been greater. Get in touch with our corporate investigators based in London, UK today for a confidential enquiry.

Corporate Investigators UK

Business information is now so easily accessible with some serious potential risks and security flaws and combined with free movement of people across borders like never before, opportunities can present themselves to corporate fraudsters. A lot of modern day UK companies and employers face the real possibility of corporate fraud, regardless of whether they are a sole trader, an SME or even a large corporation. Security is vital especially before coming to a business arrangement.

Corporate Fraud Investigators London & UK

An important risk assessment before signing a contractor hiring a new employee, is a background check, which is vital when the stakes to your company or organisation are high. A discreet look into the job candidate’s affairs can confirm or help or allay specific concerns, and possibly save you a lot of money or stress. A good corporate fraud investigator can often find more information than a standard online background will show.

Employee Investigations

False Sick Leave Employees who take too many sick days are not just losing the company money due to statutory sick pay or loss of work, but they ruin the morale of the company. Other staff may have to pick up the slack for the absent employees or they may think they can also get away with not turning up for work. If you suspect staff are taking unauthorised absences, our private investigators will obtain the evidence you need to prove this. Workplace theft Theft in the workplace doesn’t just occur in cash businesses, but even stealing data can be an issue as it can be sold to a third party. Common theft includes office equipment such as computers or furniture. Gaining evidence on who committed the theft will allow you to approach the employee with confidence and give them a chance to come clean and provide the necessary actions with evidence to back up your actions.

Landlord Investigations

As a landlord, you are at risk when you pick the wrong tenant. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a bad tenant out of your home. You may need our help in the following areas: Pre-tenancy background checks The best way to avoid getting bad tenants is to do your due diligence before letting them in your home. In our pre-tenancy investigations, we find out whether your tenants have a criminal record or any CCJs or IVAs. In addition to this, we can obtain all personal history such as identity verification, previous employment history, media analysis and references. Prove illegal subletting Most landlord-tenant agreements do not allow subletting, but many tenants do so for financial gain. Many just sublet an individual room, but some people live somewhere else completely and sublet the entire property for extortionate rent amounts. National Private Investigators will provide you the evidence you need to take these tenants to court and evict them quickly.

Debtor Tracing

Getting money from people who owe you is often a difficult process when they think you will get fed up of chasing. Our private investigators will track these debtors down and find out further information on these individuals that you can use.

Insurance claim investigations

Our fraud investigators has been working with insurance companies in London & the UK for many years, helping them save a lot of money. And remember it is not just the insurance company who benefit when they can avoid pay out on fraudulent claims, the rest of us benefit too. Whenever an insurance company pays out on a claim, it increases other people’s insurance premiums. We have investigated a wide variety of insurance claim fraud, including:
  • Fraudulent personal injury claims
  • Health insurance fraud
  • Travel insurance fraud
  • Home insurance fraud
  • Mobile phone insurance fraud
  • Fraudulent motor vehicle claims
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