Conflict of interest

Conflict of Interest Investigation

Conflict of interest

Workplace environments should be productive and happy, with every employee feeling valued and content in their work. Yet sometimes, you might notice that something is amiss with an employee – if you suspect a conflict of interest, it can damage your company in a number of ways. From financial implications, leaked data or damage to overall morale, leaving these situations to fester can have long-term impacts on your business.
But gathering evidence to back up your suspicions can be a difficult process. Can you be sure that there is a conflict of interest at play? What do you need to support what you suspect? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you do this without alienating your employees? National Private Investigators is here to help.

What is a conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest can cover a variety of issues encountered in the workplace. In its simplest form, a conflict of interest is a situation that gives your employee a benefit while in some way costing or otherwise negatively impacting your business. Employee actions can cause a conflict of interest either intentionally or unintentionally. Instances of conflicts of interest include:
  • Working for a competitor.
  • Opening a business which is in competition with your own.
  • Sharing confidential and/or damaging information about your company on social media.
  • Failing to disclose hiring or working with a relative.
  • Providing consulting advice and pay from a competitor. 
  • Not investigating a coworker’s misbehavior due to a personal relationship.
  • Using knowledge or information about the company for their own financial benefit.
These are just some of the ways in which a conflict of interest may occur. During your initial consultation with your case handler, we will discuss the conflict of interest you suspect and tailor our investigation to meet your specific needs.

Why does this occur?

A conflict of interest is not always easy for an employee to recognise. If your company policies and procedures are not clearly laid out, they may not understand what is and is not appropriate information to share. They may also not grasp the ways in which their personal relationships at work (with relatives, for example) create a conflict of interest that may be problematic for the structure and morale of their workplace.

Get help from the experts

Whether you are based in London or the wider UK, National Private Investigators can help you with your conflict of interest investigation. After your initial consultation, one of our highly trained ex-military private detectives will take on your case. Carrying out subtle and careful surveillance, as to remain undetected by your employee, they will be able to track them to discover whether they are engaged in a conflict of interest. Our private investigators gather photographic and, if necessary, video evidence. Once the investigation is complete, your will receive a fully written report, whether or not the investigation is conclusive.

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