Cohabitation Investigation

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Cohabitation Investigation

Most of us are living in cohabiting situation – it is completely natural to live with someone who can help to split the bills and share your life. Unfortunately, if your relationship has reached its end point and you are divorcing or separating , cohabiting can become a serious bone of contention. Are you in the process of a separation which is causing disagreements about divorce settlements or appropriate child maintenance? Or have you reached an agreement only to suspect your spouse is breaching it?
If this sounds like your life, then National Private Investigators is here for you.

Cohabitation surveillance

If you find out that your former partner has moved on and is currently living with someone else, this can be difficult for many reasons. Of course, you will struggle with the emotional impact of such a revelation, especially if you have children. However, there is also a very real financial implication. Your ex-partner may be in breach of your divorce or cohabiting agreement, or their living status may impact the amount of child maintenance they need to pay. But even if you suspect this, you need real evidence to support your suspicions, especially if you plan to request a payment increase.
Another major issue is that you may not know anything about their new partner. We know that you can never be too careful when it comes to your children. If your former partner is reluctant to share information and is flouting your agreements, you will feel the need to do something – and fast.

Cohabitation investigators

Experts in our field, National Private Investigators can carry out cohabitation investigations in London and throughout the UK. Our team of ex-military private detectives have the skills necessary to discretely gather information regarding a questionable cohabitation situation. You will initially discuss your needs with a case handler, so that we have all the details we need to help you. Then, a dedicated private investigator will be able to carry out a full background check on any new partner so that you know exactly who is spending time with your children. We will also carry out surveillance in order to prove that your former partner is cohabiting in a way that will be useable in court. They will need to reside at an address for at least two weeks in order for this to be legally classed as cohabiting. Once we have gathered evidence of their daily routines, we will provide a full report to you, with photos and videos to back it up.

Post investigation surveillance

Should you reach a new agreement with your ex-partner, we can also carry out surveillance after this has taken place. This is to ensure that they are complying with the new expectations set out by you and the court, so that you have peace of mind every step of the way.

What happens next?

Are you ready to discuss your needs and see how we can help you during this difficult time? Get in touch now for a completely confidential initial consultation.
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