Child maintenance investigations

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Child maintenance investigation

It is a very difficult time when your marriage or relationship breaks down. This is only made more emotionally and practically taxing when you have children together. The hardest part of separation has been explaining the situation to them, and now finally you are settling into a new family dynamic. But how does this work when one parent refuses to pay the child maintenance that they owe? This unexpected hurdle is one that many people have to face, with many wondering how they can gather the evidence to prove what is happening. Worst of all, the other parent may have moved on in their home or work life so that you are no longer able to trace them yourself.

What can you do if this sounds all too familiar?

Is there any chance of getting the money that your children are rightfully entitled to? This is where our team of trained ex-military private investigators can step in.

Private investigators for child maintenance

If you are struggling to support your children on a single income, or you just want to find out where the other parent is in order to request they fulfill their parental duties, we can help you. National Private Investigators can provide a discrete service that will not cause any unnecessary difficulty or stress for you. To start with, you will fully discuss your needs with a friendly and professional case handler so that we understand your unique situation. From there, an experienced child maintenance private investigator will be able to get to work, whether you live in London or anywhere in the UK.

Child Support Investigation

Our private investigator will work quickly to gather the information you need, whatever you decide to do next. First of all, they will trace the other parent to discover where they are currently living and who, if anyone, they are living with. The next step will be to find out where they are working, what their job title currently is, and what they are earning. This can be especially vital in cases such as these, where they may have claimed a lack of income as a factor in non-payment. This information will be delivered to you in a full written report, complete with time stamped photographs. If you need to carry out further legal proceedings, the details we obtain will be solid evidence to back up your claims.

Child Maintenance Surveillance

Our discreet child maintenance surveillance can offer the evidence you need make a claim when disputing child support claims. 

Ready to talk?

We know this is a difficult subject, but we want to put the power back into your hands. Get in touch now for a confidential consultation to see how we can best help you to claim the child maintenance payments you and your children are owed.
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