Tracing a Long Lost Family Member

Before I approached Jack at NPI, I had spent years trying to locate a long-lost family member. My sister, whom I had lost contact with over 20 years ago due to family disputes and subsequent relocation, had always been in my thoughts. Efforts through social media and other personal attempts to locate her had been unsuccessful.

I had a complete lack of current information about my sister’s whereabouts. The last known contact was decades ago, and since then, she had seemingly vanished. Family connections were strained, and records were outdated, making the search incredibly daunting.

The family fallout that had occurred many years ago, led to a complete disconnection. My sister had moved away, and over time, any leads to her current life, including her address or contact details, had become obsolete. This was compounded by common names and a lack of digital footprint.

This was a deeply personal issue to me. There was a lingering sense of loss, guilt, and yearning for reconciliation. The absence of closure and connection with my sister left a void in my life, and the growing uncertainty about her well-being and whereabouts only deepened my distress.

Without resolving this issue, the opportunity to reunite with my sister, mend past differences, and rebuild our family connection was slipping away. As years passed, the chances of finding her and sharing our lives again seemed increasingly remote.

Jack promised a detailed and sensitive approach to tracing my sister. Their plan included accessing public records, utilising advanced people-finding databases, and exploring connections that I was unaware of or unable to access. They assured discretion and empathy, understanding the emotional weight of the situation.

The outcome was more than I had hoped for. Jack and his team successfully located my sister. They facilitated initial contact, respecting her privacy and my emotional state. The reunion was emotional and healing. Not only did I reconnect with my sister, but we also began mending our relationship. Jack’s expertise and sensitivity turned what seemed an impossible task into a heartwarming reality. Their involvement was pivotal in bringing a long-lost family member back into my life. Thank you.

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