Cheating Partner Investigation Case Study

My husband had cheated on me multiple times. I knew about a previous relationship he had a couple of years ago, but I held the relationship together for our children and fear of breaking up with him while the children were so young. As time passed, I knew I had to escape my toxic relationship.

He was due to go to London on a business trip. He regularly goes for 2-3 days at a time. I was highly suspicious of what exactly he got up to when he was away. I knew he was up to something while I was taking care of the children at home.

The frustration I was feeling was immense. All I wanted was the truth and closure to what was happening. 

If I didn’t find the truth, I would be stuck in this cycle of being cheated on and forgiving him forever. It was just so toxic. Looking back, I was so unhappy.

A few days before he went to London, I rang National Private Investigators and spoke to Jack. We had a long discussion and agreed on surveillance over the three days he was there, concentrating on the evening when I knew he had finished his work meetings and would return to the hotel.

Jack and his colleague waited at the hotel to see him returning from his meetings. Jack kept me up to date with what was happening as it was happening. My nerves were settled not long into it as Jack’s professionalism shone through. You could tell he was good at this. It was exhilarating for me. I knew this was just the start of new beginnings. 

Jack and his team followed my ex-partner away from the hotel to a restaurant where he was having dinner with work friends. Jack could sit at a table close to them, overhear what was being said, and get some perfect pictures. It was after dinner that things all took a sinister turn.

When he exited the restaurant, he went to a cash machine and withdrew a significant amount before returning to the hotel. It was at the hotel that he rang and told me he wasn’t feeling well and was having an early night. I told jack this information when he told me he had run out of the hotel and got into a taxi.

The taxi was followed to an unknown address. My husband could be seen waiting at the front door before being let in by a female. It was pretty obvious she was a sex worker. My suspicions were confirmed shortly after when Jack showed me videos of my husband upstairs getting undressed, silhouetted under a pink light.

While I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, this was the clear evidence I needed to escape the relationship I was in. My husband stayed all night and visited again both nights after. 

Jack was able to get all the evidence I needed and more. I felt like I was in a movie at the time. You never thought of hiring a private investigator, but I’m glad I did. I’m now free from that horrible toxic relationship I was in. I’m happy and in a far better place for kids now.

Anonymous client

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