Background Search / Online Dating Case Study

I’d been dating my ex-partner for three years. I met him online; He first contacted me on a dating app. Since then, I have never been to his house. He claimed he worked in the police and lived with other men who worked in the police also. I knew he had a child from an ex-wife. He sometimes went off-grid, and I wouldn’t hear from him for days. When I questioned him about it, he always said work commitments came up, or he was with his son. Lots of things didn’t quite add up.

The problem was that I couldn’t 100% trust him as I knew deep down that something wasn’t right. I wanted answers, once and for all, to see the truth and put my mind at ease.

I spoke to Jack, who listened to my situation. He recommended a background check as he agreed the problem didn’t seem right. He also said to trust my intuition. I gave him the details of my ex-partner, and he got to work for me. Less than a week later, Jack sent me the report and called me to talk me through his findings.

The report was pervasive with what he was able to find. It showed that my then-partner was not living in a house with other policemen but was indeed married for ten years, Islamically and civil. He lived in a family home with his wife and three children. He was living two lives.

While the news was devastating, processing the information took a few months. I gave him several chances to come clean, but he wouldn’t admit his wrongdoing. I still didn’t want to believe the report, so I drove to the home where his car was parked on the drive. This gave me the concrete proof I needed. I saw it with my own eyes.

I believe he needs help and is a narcissistic person who needs to deal with his childhood trauma. 

I’m so grateful for Jack and what he has done for me. I can now move on.

Anonymous – Cambridge

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