Asset Search for Divorce

Before reaching out to National Private Investigators (NPI), I was in a terrible situation. I had been married for ten years, but the relationship had deteriorated over time. My spouse and I had accumulated significant assets, including properties, investments, and business interests. However, as our marriage reached its end, I realised that I had minimal knowledge of the full extent of our financial assets.

The problem I encountered was the lack of transparency in our financial affairs. My husband, who had always handled our finances, became increasingly secretive. I suspected that there might be hidden assets or undisclosed investments, which should be equitably divided in the divorce proceedings. However, I felt powerless and unequipped to uncover the truth by myself.

The root cause of this problem was the uneven distribution of financial knowledge and control in our relationship. My spouse had exclusive access to and control over our financial records, bank accounts, and investment details. This imbalance created an environment where financial disclosures were not transparent, leading to the hiding of assets.

The impact was profound. Firstly, there was a significant emotional toll, as I felt betrayed and vulnerable. Financially, I was at risk of an unfair settlement, which could have long-lasting implications on my standard of living post-divorce. The lack of financial transparency also created legal complexities, potentially prolonging the divorce proceedings.

Without resolving this issue, I faced the loss of equitable financial settlement. This meant potentially forfeiting assets that were rightfully mine, impacting my future financial security. The emotional strain of the ongoing conflict and uncertainty also took a toll on my well-being.

Jack assured me of a thorough and discreet investigation. Their plan included a detailed asset search, leveraging their expertise in financial investigations. They promised to uncover any hidden assets and provide a comprehensive report that would aid in my legal proceedings, ensuring a fair and equitable division of assets.

The results were beyond my expectations. NPI’s investigation revealed several undisclosed assets, including offshore accounts and properties. Armed with this information, my legal team was able to negotiate a much more favourable divorce settlement. The financial discoveries not only ensured a fair division of assets but also brought a sense of closure and justice to a challenging chapter of my life. The professionalism and results provided by Jack and his team were instrumental in securing my financial future.

Anonymous Client – London

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