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Bug Sweeping Services London & UK​

Our bug sweeping detection service in London & UK can help if you suspect that you are being spied upon. National Private Investigators in London offer professional technical countermeasure services that include bug sweeping throughout the UK to detect and locate a huge range of electronic surveillance devices.


What is a Bug Sweep? 

A bug sweep uses specialist equipment which can detect any covert audio and video recording devices. A bug sweep is the informal name used in the Detective Industry for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). Generally these are more commonly referred to as listening devices, hidden cameras, spying devices, eavesdropping or wiretapping.

Bug Sweeps & Bug Detection London & UK

Bug sweeping or debugging, also known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), is a survey to detect and locate illicit electronic surveillance and eavesdropping devices. For your peace of mind we offer thorough bug sweeps for bug detection and debugging in London & UK.

Counter Surveillance & Bug Sweeping Services

Eavesdropping or bugging devices are easily bought online and can be quickly installed to gather intelligence about your business or personal life. In today’s hi-tech world, information is extremely valuable to competitors, criminals, unhappy employees or former partners who may seek to gain intelligence. Individuals and companies are now having to be proactive to protect their privacy,  so we provide tailor made bug sweeping in London & the UK for a wide range of clients from a single person to small, medium and large businesses.

Don't Let Your Suspicions Go Unanswered Any Longer.

Do you need a bug sweep?

Bug sweeping is not always a necessary part of an investigation or surveillance, but you may find yourself suspecting that you have been placed under surveillance yourself. Bugging devices are easy and inexpensive for people to buy online, and many are incredibly subtle and difficult to detect for the average person.

 It is increasingly common for eavesdropping devices to be used by individuals, companies, and criminals who will invade your privacy and harvest your information, either for valuable data or even blackmail purposes. If this sounds like something you may be the victim of, we at National Private Investigators are here to help you to protect your privacy – whether you are a single person or a large business.

Where are the bugs placed ?

Bugging devices are so small that they can be placed in a range of different locations as they are designed to be unobtrusive and hard to find. They may be in your environment for months before you suspect anything. A bug could be planted in a wall, a vent or a ceiling. They can also be placed in electrical wiring, in a telephone system, among your household items, or in a computer system or WiFi network. You might even want to consider having your car swept for bugs. Our thorough service will sweep all areas of suspicion, giving you a clear picture of what has been going on.



Office sweep

We have helped medium and large businesses to locate surveillance devices in offices – this is one of the most common types of bug sweeping. An office sweep is an often essential measure for those looking to protect their data and ensure that private, delicate and confidential information stays out of public view. An office environment may be bugged by unhappy employees who are seeking to gather personal information about their superiors or other staff members. This could be because they are the victims of negative behaviour themselves and are looking to prove this, or because they wish to blackmail the company, or even sell data. Whatever the reason, an unhappy employee who gathers confidential information can be a danger to your company, making detecting any bugs essential.

An even bigger, and related, threat is that competitors may place listening devices in your office environment. This is a good way for them to gather information that they can either steal or use to their own advantage in some other way – to poach clients, or to leak stories to newspapers. They might even poach employees and have them place the bugs covertly.

In a world where it is more important than ever to prevent data breaches, a bug sweep could be just what you need to protect your company.


Home sweep

NPI have worked with many individuals in order to provide home sweeps. You may have recently ended a relationship and suspect that your ex-partner has bugged your home in order to gather information about you to use in divorce or custody proceedings. Or you may have been away from home and suspect that criminals have been on your property. You may even suspect that a landlord has placed eavesdropping devices around your home. Whatever your situation, feeling unsafe and watched in your home can be especially stressful and unsettling. We can help you to get to the bottom of whether there are surveillance devices present in your home, and support you by debugging your property so you can feel safe again.

Emergency sweep

Sometimes, situations crop up when you need a bug sweep at short notice. The trained operatives at NPI are on hand to help you with these emergency sweeps, providing you with help as soon as possible. We endeavor to get back to your requests within hours, and can work when you need us to. Whether you suspect that criminals have invaded your space and planted bugs or you think your car has been bugged, get in touch with us and we can send a professional investigator out to help you whether you are based in London or in the UK.


What we look for

Our bug sweeping service is extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned. We will monitor frequencies in your building using our specialist technology, as well as sweeping the entire area. This will include each room in a home or business, covering walls, ceilings and floors, as well as any equipment, sockets, wiring, and phone lines. These physical searches are very precise, and we utilise both top of the range equipment and the naked eye to ensure a thorough investigation. We can also use heat sensors to search even deeper, including computers and WiFi networks. Anywhere a bug could be hiding, you can be sure we will look.


Start your sweep

If you think that bug sweeping might be useful to you, then our friendly case handlers are standing by ready to take your call. They will take vital information necessary to progress your case, and explain to you in full what you can expect from bug sweeping. We will then send out one of our trained investigators to carry out the bug sweep, before informing you of the results so that you can feel secure once more.

Get in touch

If you think you may be being spied on, we can help. You can visit our dedicated website too if you’d like  more information about all of our varied bug sweeping services across London and throughout the UK, helping you to locate electronic surveillance devices and go about debugging your property. Our professional technical countermeasure services are second to none, so get in touch to find out how we can help you.


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