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Bug Sweeping London

Bug Sweeping London & UK

Our bug sweeping service in London & UK can help if you suspect that you are being spied on. National Private Investigators offer a professional technical countermeasure service that includes bug sweeping to detect and locate a huge range of electronic surveillance devices.

Bug Sweeping & Bug Detection

Bug sweeping or debugging, also known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), is a survey to locate and identify illicit electronic surveillance and eavesdropping devices. We provide expert bug sweeping and debugging detection services in London & UK.

Counter Surveillance & Bug Sweeps

Eavesdropping or bugging devices are easily bought online and can be quickly installed to gather intelligence about your business or personal life. In today’s hi-tech world, information is extremely valuable to competitors, criminals, unhappy employees or former partners who may seek to gain intelligence. So individuals and companies in London & throughout the UK are now having to be proactive to protect their privacy. So we provide tailor made bug sweeping in the UK for a wide range of clients from individual people to small, medium and large businesses.

Prices From

Debugging - From £500

Upholding the NPI guarantee, our prices are broken down to maintain an honest and transparent approach towards business

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