Bug Sweeping Birmingham

Bug Sweeping Services Birmingham

Not all recent technological breakthroughs are positive in nature. For instance, facial recognition software on AI-enabled CCTV cameras presents a real threat to personal liberties. Likewise, surveillance microphones, or bugs, have become smaller, smarter, more powerful and easier to plant than ever. That’s why both companies and individuals need reliable bug sweeping in Birmingham.


The Need for Expert Bug Sweeping in Birmingham

Rooting out and eliminating illegal bugging is essential if you are to keep trade secrets secret or your private life truly private.


Our Services

At National Private Investigators, our mission is to help our clients ensure the sanctity of their business communications or private lives. To that end, we offer the following bug sweeping services:


The Office Sweep

It only takes a few minutes for a competitor to plant a bug in your office. They might send someone in posing as a contractor to do it, or they might do it themselves while on a “friendly” visit to your headquarters. They might even pay one of your employees to do it for them. But no matter how the bug got there, it’s our job to find and eliminate it.


The Home Sweep

These days bugging devices are cheap and plentiful, and everyone, it seems, is getting into the surveillance act. People going through messy breakups are often the target of surveillance by their former partners. In addition, landlords are not above installing bugs if they suspect a tenant may be engaging in some type of nefarious activity. In either case, we’ll find the bug and eliminate it.


The Emergency Sweep

If you have reason to believe someone has placed a bug in your home or office and you want to know now, get in touch with NPI. We provide emergency sweeps of residences and businesses (and vehicles too), typically within hours of a request being made. There’s no need to live with the thought that someone is eavesdropping on you. Contact NPI and put your mind at ease.

Don't Let Your Suspicions Go Unanswered Any Longer.

Contact NPI

If you believe someone is surveilling your business or residence, get in touch with National Private Investigators. We provide state-of-the-art bug sweeping in Birmingham that allows our customers to root out invasions of privacy or threats to their business. Whether you need an office, home, vehicle or other location swept for electronic listening devices, the team at NPI are here to help. Give us a call on 020 7459 4526 or write to us using the contact form on our website.

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