Breach of contract

Breach of Contract Investigator

Breach of contract

It is important for us to feel that our employees value their jobs and want to do their best every day. And as employees, we want to feel valued by our employers.
In most situations, we are proven right. However, if you are struggling with a breach of contract, it can be difficult for you to feel valued. Unfortunately, it can also be tricky to prove this. Sometimes, even our business partners can let us down.
What might point to a breach of contract situation? And how can you back up your suspicions with solid facts? This is where National Private Investigators can help you. Whether you are based in London or the wider UK, we can help you to prove breach of contract, and get the evidence you need to talk to your employee or employer with all the facts laid out.

What is breach of contract?

A breach of contract can cover a range of situations. For the employer, these can include a staff member taking an unauthorised absence, moonlighting when that is not permitted in their job terms, or long periods of absenteeism. For the employee, these can include an employer not paying a salary on time and in full, refusing to pay contracted holiday entitlement or sick pay.
When it comes to this sort of conflict between business partners, a breach of contract or franchise agreement can occur when there is a failure to comply with the terms of the agreed contract in any way, such as committing any action which could damage the reputation of the business/franchise, failing to pay funds due, misuse of any confidential information or the business trademark, and more.
Whichever of these situations you find yourself in, it can be difficult to know how to carry out an investigation that falls in line with your own policies. You do not want to accidentally cause a further breach of contract, or to weaken your own position in proceedings. This is when an experienced private investigator can step in to gather invaluable information on your behalf.

How we can help

National Private Investigators is a team of highly trained ex-military private detectives who can help you to get to the core of your problem. Your initial conversation will be with one of our expert case handlers, who will gather all the details that we require to understand your needs. Then our private investigator will look into the activities of your employee, employer, or business partner. This process will involve tracking and surveillance, and a background check if necessary. You will receive updates and, upon completion of the investigation, a full written report as well as photographs and video evidence. So you can feel more confident in approaching the person in question about their activities.

Talk to us

Are you ready to discuss your situation? Whether you are prepared to start a full investigation or you just want to explore your options, get in touch for a confidential conversation to see how we can meet your needs.
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