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Competitor analysis

Your business is brilliant. You feel confident in your company and know that you offer the best on the market. And yet…. sometimes, you cannot

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Conflict of interest

Workplace environments should be productive and happy, with every employee feeling valued and content in their work. Yet sometimes, you might notice that something is

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Workplace Fraud

We all want our workplaces to be happy and productive spaces, where people enjoy their jobs and get along with their colleagues. It can be

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Workplace Theft

Workplace theft is something that none of us want to believe is going to happen to us. We never want to suspect our staff of

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Breach of contract

It is important for us to feel that our employees value their jobs and want to do their best every day. And as employees, we

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Employee Investigations

When you hire an employee, you want to know that you can rely on them, and that they want to support your company as much

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