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About Us

National Private Investigators (NPI) is a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, providing you with a high level of surveillance and private investigation services across London and the wider UK, covering domestic and corporate investigations, as well as insurance fraud. 

NPI is proud to have a team made up of ex-forces surveillance operatives who know what to look for and how to be covert and discreet during every single investigation. Using state of the art technology and covert operating techniques, we can help you with many different kinds of investigation, whatever your requirements. 

Domestic investigations
Issues arising in your domestic life, such as infidelity, addiction, theft, or child care disputes, can cause serious problems for you and should be dealt with delicately. If you require a private investigation carried out with subtlety and discretion, then National Private Investigators are on your side. Whether you require information for personal, private discussions or to be used in a legal setting, we can help. 

Corporate investigations
In a professional setting, there can be a wide range of problems with employees and employers that may arise. We can handle everything from investigating suspicious long term sickness to theft and data breaches to help you ensure that the people on your team are also on your side. Our team is also skilled in performing thorough background checks for potential employees, giving you the best chance of hiring the best people, and we can carry out lie detector tests to back this up. 

High quality help from start to finish
From the beginning, your experience with NPI is high quality. Our friendly case managers will be the first people you speak to regarding your case – they will take your details and assess your needs before advising you on the next steps you can take to get the answers you need. They will hand the investigation itself to one of our skilled private investigators, and will also update you periodically on how your case is progressing, right through to the final report. 

The right values 
When you think about private investigation, you may bring to mind any number of images from movies, featuring small, dark offices and lone wolf detectives – but in reality, the best private investigators are professionals who care deeply about the rules and regulations of our work.

The private investigation industry is currently unregulated, which makes it difficult to know when you are receiving the excellent service you deserve. National Private Investigators want you to have full peace of mind – as such, we are proud to be a member of the ABI (Association of British Investigators) and to be registered with the ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office). 

The ABI is how we measure high quality, pride, and the utmost integrity within the world of private investigations. We are a completely legal company, compliant with new data processes and highly aware of the complexities surrounding the world of private investigations and surveillance. 

You should always ensure, when searching for a private investigations firm, that they hold the relevant qualifications and are passionate about complying with regulations. Choosing NPI means that you are getting excellent service with no illegality. We uphold the same high standards and values in every case we take on, so any evidence recorded is valid, gathered by experienced and qualified professionals in this complex field. 

About me
Taking a moment to introduce myself, I’m Jack, the owner and operator here at NPI. I am an ex-army reconnaissance soldier, experienced in covert surveillance and all areas of intelligence gathering. 

My time in the army has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge which has allowed me to gather a hand selected, expert team for National Private Investigators. In the army, our job was to get in close to gather intelligence on enemy forces – this included everything from enemy numbers and weapon systems to morale and supply routes. 

When we had all the desired information that could have been gathered, our team would extract undetected in order to present the information and intelligence back to our chain of command. This information meant that they could in turn make informed decisions on the plan of action and best way going forward for our friendly forces. As you can see, this lends itself very neatly to what I have gone on to do professionally.

Nowadays, I covertly and discreetly gather information and intelligence for our clients, ensuring that my team is trained to perform to the same high quality. Once the investigation is complete, our clients can then move forward with informed decisions from the intelligence we have captured. 

Do you need support with surveillance, a lie detector test, or a full private investigation? For a qualified and experienced team of professional investigators who provide you with all the information you need, get in touch with us now to see how we can help you.

How Our Private Investigation Services Work …

Our 4 step process to the truth

1. Get In Touch

for a free consultation. Our friendly and experienced case manager will go through your issue and you will be guided through our process and what we require to get you the evidence you need.

2. Send Us Information

Provide us with as much background information as you can. We will guide you as to what will be helpful, but the more information we have, the quicker we can achieve results.

3. Let Us Investigate

We will start our private investigation as soon as possible and you will be kept updated in real time. If GPS tracking is involved, you will be updated on the location of your subject.

4. Reporting

We will provide a full and detailed report no more than 24 hours after the private investigation is over. The report will contain all the evidence you have requested.

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