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Private Detective London

About Us

National Private Investigators provide expert surveillance and private investigation services in London and throughout the UK.

Our private detective are among the best operators in London across the UK, all being experts in their respective fields. With their wealth of experience, top level investigative skills and a devoted work ethic, they have what it takes to get to the truth and produce the evidence you need.

Our ex-forces surveillance team can pick up on clues like no other and will be able to obtain evidence legally, so you can use it with confidence.

In addition to our leading private investigators, we have friendly and helpful case managers who will update you on the progress of your investigation every step of the way.

How Our Investigation Services Work …

Our 4 step process to the truth

1. Get In Touch

for a free consultation. Our friendly and experienced case manager will go through your issue and you will be guided through our process and what we require to get you the evidence you need.

2. Send Us Information

Provide us with as much background information as you can. We will guide you as to what will be helpful, but the more information we have, the quicker we can achieve results.

3. Let Us Investigate

We will start our private investigation as soon as possible and you will be kept updated in real time. If GPS tracking is involved, you will be updated on the location of your subject.

4. Reporting

We will provide a full and detailed report no more than 24 hours after the private investigation is over. The report will contain all the evidence you have requested.

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