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Why Hiring the Right Private Investigator Matters

When something as critical as the truth is on the line, having confidence in the facts you’re presented with is imperative. You’ve lived with doubts for long enough. But the private investigation industry is unregulated and, unfortunately, flooded with ‘detectives’ who use dubious methods to gather evidence collected illicitly that won’t stand up in a legal setting. Some will even overcharge for unnecessary detection methods when simpler solutions could easily be deployed to gather the proof you need. You should be able to trust that your private investigator has your best interests at heart. With National Private Investigators you can.

How Do You Know You Can Trust Your Private Investigator?

At National Private Investigators, we know the decision to hire a private investigator often comes at a difficult time for our clients. It’s often not a decision that’s taken lightly. That’s why we try to make sure people have considered all the options before moving forward. The good news is you don’t have to rely solely on gut instinct when vetting your PI. There are a few ways you can verify whether they really are up to the job. First, confirm they are members of the following associations – the Investigators Institute of Professionals (IPI), the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the World Association of Professional Investigators WAPI. The ABI is how we measure high quality, pride, and the utmost integrity within the world of private investigations. NPI is a proud member of all three of these associations.

Who is the Best Private Investigator in the UK?

Measuring how good a PI is before hiring them isn’t always easy. But if the values of the private investigator match your own that’s a positive indicator they will be a good fit for your case. NPI prides itself on its ethical approach to detection. We are a professional team who care deeply about the rules and regulations of our work. NPI is a legitimate business with a strict code of conduct. We are fully compliant with confidential data processes and our specialist private investigators have worked at a top level in the British military. Everyone is highly aware of the complexities surrounding the world of private investigations and surveillance so you can rest assured your case will always be in the very best hands.

Private Surveillance Reviews

Luke Annan
Luke Annan
I couldn’t be happier with the service with NPI. Very professional and everything was explained really clearly. Great work! Would highly recommend!
josh large
josh large
Fantastic !!! The work done by NPI was quick and the response and results and were hassle free. I got the results I needed and I was grateful of the judgment free professionalism they provided. Would recommend to anyone.
Ash Chap
Ash Chap
Very insightful, professional and knowledgeable – thank you so much.
Breaking Mad UK
Breaking Mad UK
Very Helpful! Awesome Stuff thanks!
Renna Ren
Renna Ren
Very professional. Great service! Thank you for the efficient and speedy service.
dylan hibbert
dylan hibbert
Essential Company when seeking due diligence on a recent merger.
Dorian Szymanski
Dorian Szymanski
Thanks so much for the help, great service
Becky Hilditch
Becky Hilditch
The person I spoke with was very helpful, friendly and professional. Highly reccomend using this very approachable judgement free company.
Kimberley Hatfield
Kimberley Hatfield
Brilliant service, thank you for all your help and assistance. Would definitely recommend!
Philip Kendall
Philip Kendall
National Private Investigators service was brilliant. Resolved my issue very quickly.
“Jack and his team were very transparent with examples of what the service would include and what they looked like. They extended more information to help my peace of mind. They were very approachable and easy to communicate with especially with some cultural differences and info. Would definitely recommend this organisation....reasonably priced...responsible ...and responsive.”
London UK

What Should You Look for in a Private Investigation Company?

If you’ve never hired a private investigator before, it can be difficult to know what questions you should ask before hiring them.  Essentially they should be focused on getting the best outcomes for you. At National Private Investigators we make sure people have complete confidence in our service by making the following commitment to our customers:

"We never take on a private investigation job that we are not 100% confident we have the ability to fulfil."
Jack Charman
Founder of National Private Investigators

The Ability to Uncover the Real Truth Lies in the Strength of Your Investigation Team

The quest for the truth often requires specialist expertise and equipment. That’s why we have assembled a highly skilled team of more than 40 world-class surveillance operatives across the UK to focus on specific detection techniques. Our team is headed up by Jack Charman, founder and chief investigator at NPI.

Jack is an ex-army reconnaissance soldier, experienced in covert surveillance and all areas of intelligence gathering. His time in the army has given him a wealth of experience and knowledge which has equipped him to gather an outstanding team for National Private Investigators. 

“In the army, our job was to get in close to gather intelligence on enemy forces – this included everything from enemy numbers and weapon systems to morale and supply routes. When we had all the desired information that could have been gathered, our team would extract undetected to present the intelligence back to our chain of command. The skills and techniques gathered in this pressured role in the most extreme environments enable me to lead our team and operate at the highest level for our NPI clients now, gathering essential facts and evidence they can rely on 100%.”

We’re so Confident in the Level of Service We Offer That We Even Offer a Full Refund Should Our Cover Ever be Blown on Your Job.

Our Specialist Private Investigators

(We would love to introduce you fully to our team but, obviously, due to the covert nature of our work, it would not be appropriate to reveal their faces publicly, so please forgive the silhouettes!)

Aaron – Water-tight background checks

Aaron – Water-tight background checks

Aaron heads up our tracing and background check services for desktop investigations and uses a range of databases and software to delve deep into the data collection on the target subject to trace up-to-date details required by the client. Our checks go way beyond the obvious and, if required, we follow up with pretext enquiries to confirm the evidence we have gathered beyond doubt.

Simon – A master of lie detection

Simon – A master of lie detection

The former counter-terrorism officer uses a state-of-the-art ‘Eye Detect’ device to detect minuscule movements in the eye. This technique eradicates room for human error or misinterpretation that traditional lie detection methods are susceptible to. Our lie detector tests can return accurate results within 10 minutes of testing.

Steve – For ingenious covert surveillance

Steve – For ingenious covert surveillance

When a job requires discreet surveillance we need equipment that will allow us to be in close range of our target without exposing our activity. Steve, our very own ‘Q’, is a master of covert detection devices, who develops a range of camera and tracking devices that can easily be concealed while evidence collection takes place. Unlike equipment that can be obtained on the mass market, our devices are designed with extended battery life and pinpoint accuracy. Ex-military, Steve is a self-confessed technical geek who deploys the latest equipment and detection techniques to ensure high-quality evidence is gathered.

Paul – Government-grade bug detection

Paul – Government-grade bug detection

Special forces trained, Paul leads our bug detection team who deploy a range of surveillance techniques using highly sensitive Government-grade detection equipment. Paul’s team stay at the forefront of detection technology to ensure they can carry out exhaustive bug sweeps that will uncover even the most sophisticated listening devices. Techniques includes thermal imaging, RF detection, Volt detection, non-linear junction detection, spectrum analysis and wide band detection.

You can read more about our bug sweeping services here.

At National Private Investigators (NPI) We Get the Answers Beyond Your Reach

WWe’ve successfully conducted hundreds of investigations for individuals and businesses, delivering accurate and reliable results that have prompted dozens of 5-star reviews. We employ a range of different evidence-gathering tactics and techniques to get the results you need, fast. They include:

Need the Real Truth?

1. Discuss your case.

Get in touch for a FREE, no obligation, confidential consultation. Share your situation, the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve from your investigation.

2. Set the strategy.

We will recommend a bespoke strategy and tactics for your case, drawing from our broad range of services. We provide clear pricing and agree your plan before moving forward with the investigation.

3. Get the intel.

Our skilled private investigators will conduct a discreet, thorough and professional investigation. You’ll be able to contact at any point to discuss progress via our 24/7 messaging service. When the investigation is complete, we’ll provide an accurate and reliable report within 24 hours of completion, so you can clearly see the work carried out alongside evidence and insights gathered.

Can You Afford to Choose the Wrong Private Investigator?


Contact National Private Investigators today. You deserve to know no stone has been left unturned and have absolute confidence in the evidence put before you. In the meantime, download our guide Your Data In The Shadows – See What The Dark Web Is Sharing About You to find out just how vulnerable you are right now. Discover the tactics investigators use to drill down into background and identity checks. And for the proof – and the peace of mind – you deserve, book a call with one of our investigators today.

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Trust in our expertise. We prioritise ethical practices and the highest standards of professionalism in all our undertakings. We’re here to help and guide you every step of the way.

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